A quest for faith!

What do you believe?  What if your life depended on your answer to that question?  What if it does?   How much time do you spend each day truly examining whether the basic beliefs your entire life are spent on are actually true?  Are you sure the religious beliefs you’ve accepted are accurate?  Are you sure the scientific conclusions you’ve heard are true?  Is it possible, at the end of your life, that you will find yourself looking back and wondering whether everything you did, and everything your example taught to the people you love, was a mistake?  Are you equipped to help someone you love reach a clear direction in their life?  A child?  A spouse?  A parent?  Your closest friend?

This sight is a place for questions and discussion.  Not for easy answers, but for challenging thought.  Because it matters what we believe.  And because it’s worth whatever time we take to explore the questions that matter most.  Is there a God?  Does He care about us?  If so, why does He let such horrible things go on (and on)?  Does Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, or another religion have the right answers?  Does it matter that we choose one faith?

Is the Bible really inspired by God?  What does that mean?  Is it literal truth?  Why don’t science and the Bible always seem to get along?  Maybe even more challenging, is what we call Christianity today even remotely the same as the life Jesus was trying to show us?  What would happen if we really caught sight of Jesus?  What would a truly faithful life look like?  And if God is real, why do so many of us who believe keep living our lives wrapped up in almost everything else?

Use this site in whatever way is best for you. Start a conversation. Ask a question. Follow the thread of the posts from beginning to end. Or just pick whatever posts are useful to you.

It is hoped that together, through truly honest and open conversation, we can take one step at a time closer to the goal of a life lived based on honest reflection, reasoned examination, and eventually, a deeper faith!

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An open discussion about doubt, belief, and faithfulness.